Friday, October 23, 2009

Something New

Yesterday's post was about my beginning, now lets jump ahead to the present. My latest collage is a two page collage in my biggest moleskine.

On the left, a sort of self-portrait, on the right a horse figure. Both pieces involve paper that was all found. Chips clipped from coupons from Wilson Farms, a photo from a flea market. Other papers from the recycling bin, discarded construction paper, a water color print. Each paper has nothing to do with each other, but together they can make a work or art.

Self portraits are very tough, i like taking things that have nothing to do with my personality, like a cigarette, and using it to make up myself. Irony.

The horse on the other hand, was made in the light of NECKFACE. NECKFACE does strange drawings and graffiti of strange figures that are somewhat disturbing, quite genius. The horse skeletonized. Its strange to me but i feel as though it causes confusion and curiosity.

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