Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is my first collage. I hated it. It seemed like something a small child would create and mommy would proudly hang it on the fridge. Fear caused me to hide it from my teacher. I was lost. No clue why I still clung on to art. I slacked in high school. Coasting by with mediocre work. I had nothing to show for the entire 13 years of public schooling. But this collage changed my life. It was simple, clean, cleaver and different. My teacher loved it. "I love this, keep doing this." That's all I needed to hear.

From then on, I advanced my technique. Enhancing the meaning of my works, adding papers that told stories. Every piece of a collage has a story. The papers used on this work, The City Sleeps In Flames, screams the biography of my journey to find my artistic point of view.

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  1. Beautiful to hear. I'll challenge you to learn if you want based on the knowledege I have - my schooling's been pretty good and you definitely seem to me to be an intelligent and creative person - I never thought to suggest some books to you or lend some out but I got mad suggestions if you're interested. I'm glad that some teacher finally valued your work and I'd like to further say I love your art and think you could really make some popular stuff, especially if starting in the skate scene (Ed Templeton comes to mind). Keep at it, Byronical.