Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is the second piece of the self portrait series Impostors.

Finding out someone resembles you is strange. I recently heard from a close friend, that the is another bizarre-o Byron at a close by University. I've seen his picture and it does somewhat resemble me. Most all of the people that share an appearance of me is not 100% exact in features but more of a spiritual and at first glance resemblance.

This piece started out by me seeing this portrait in a magazine and deciding that if someone saw this really quickly, that it could be mistaken for being me. In attempt to speed up the eye movement of the viewer, the yellow and red pop out and take over the composition. The lines of yellow act like the lines of a road, pushing you along allowing only glimpses of the figure.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Office Space

This, sadly, is my work space. Messy, unorganized. Most would see this as disgusting, wondering how I find anything. If I think to myself, I need a purple paper made from flowers, I surprisingly know right where is it; under the works from paint next to the scrapbook paper. My organization never fails me.

I guess it helps that most the paper i have has a story behind it. Its pretty hard to forget paper made from real flowers or the picture of a bear slamming a 40 oz beer I got from Paul's magazine. Its easy to forget the plain paper you can buy by the pound at paper factory, but in all honesty those are the pieces of paper that are meaningless and deserve to be lost forever.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The Joker. Each work tells a story. A simple collage that is made to resemble a playing card. But its deeper than that. Every piece of paper causes questions. Inquiry. Curiosity.

The chest piece, a suit and tie. Part of an 'E.' Where is that 'E' from? What does the giraffe have to say? Where was he from? Everything has a story. The giraffe has a story. He was a traveler, from a skateboard magazine. He is actually the head of a cartoon costume. The wearer was a creepy man, dirty. He was something like a mascot. But from that first glance at the suit wearing giraffe you wouldn't know that. Did you even think about the story behind the paper?

I just think about what every piece of paper could be, what it wants to be and then i just help it along.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Lately I've grown fascinated with look a likes. Supposidly there is a kd that attends college with me that looks similar to me. I don't personally see it. They call him "bizarre-o byron."
This inspired me to find what i think resembles me in the media and make it into a "self portrait." Most of the time it just involves adding my black framed glasses with a sharpie but for some reason i get satisfaction with finding something that can resemble me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Beef Storm

This work is entitled, The Bull. It is made up of a few pieces from prints of Picasso's work Guernica. Picasso had such talent showing emotions in his drawings. Part of Guernica depicts a horse head. The head is perfect, showing its pain and torture. Someone stated that Picasso, "He has been able to see and imagine more suffering in a single horse's head than many artists have found in a whole crucifixion."

I took parts of Picasso's work to try and create my own bull with meaning. The piece i added, a water color mono print, holds feelings of a class i took two years ago. It was my return to art after my tortuous high school art career. Even the simple watercolor holds deep feelings, smells and memories of a past class where i found myself as an artist.

This work is very simple but still gives hits at me finding my style and exploring the medium of collage and mixed medium.

Something New

Yesterday's post was about my beginning, now lets jump ahead to the present. My latest collage is a two page collage in my biggest moleskine.

On the left, a sort of self-portrait, on the right a horse figure. Both pieces involve paper that was all found. Chips clipped from coupons from Wilson Farms, a photo from a flea market. Other papers from the recycling bin, discarded construction paper, a water color print. Each paper has nothing to do with each other, but together they can make a work or art.

Self portraits are very tough, i like taking things that have nothing to do with my personality, like a cigarette, and using it to make up myself. Irony.

The horse on the other hand, was made in the light of NECKFACE. NECKFACE does strange drawings and graffiti of strange figures that are somewhat disturbing, quite genius. The horse skeletonized. Its strange to me but i feel as though it causes confusion and curiosity.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is my first collage. I hated it. It seemed like something a small child would create and mommy would proudly hang it on the fridge. Fear caused me to hide it from my teacher. I was lost. No clue why I still clung on to art. I slacked in high school. Coasting by with mediocre work. I had nothing to show for the entire 13 years of public schooling. But this collage changed my life. It was simple, clean, cleaver and different. My teacher loved it. "I love this, keep doing this." That's all I needed to hear.

From then on, I advanced my technique. Enhancing the meaning of my works, adding papers that told stories. Every piece of a collage has a story. The papers used on this work, The City Sleeps In Flames, screams the biography of my journey to find my artistic point of view.


Byron Morgan. A mixed media, found art and collage artist. 21 years old. Senior, St Bonaventure University. My goal is to simply establish a fan base that will support my career as an artist. My first show is in the horizon. I'm looking for comments and guidance. All opinions, bad or good, are welcomed.