Friday, October 23, 2009

Beef Storm

This work is entitled, The Bull. It is made up of a few pieces from prints of Picasso's work Guernica. Picasso had such talent showing emotions in his drawings. Part of Guernica depicts a horse head. The head is perfect, showing its pain and torture. Someone stated that Picasso, "He has been able to see and imagine more suffering in a single horse's head than many artists have found in a whole crucifixion."

I took parts of Picasso's work to try and create my own bull with meaning. The piece i added, a water color mono print, holds feelings of a class i took two years ago. It was my return to art after my tortuous high school art career. Even the simple watercolor holds deep feelings, smells and memories of a past class where i found myself as an artist.

This work is very simple but still gives hits at me finding my style and exploring the medium of collage and mixed medium.


  1. I love Guernica. I also really love your collage, Byron. The watercolor part is beautiful and obviously holds a lot of meaning for you. That definitely comes across in this work.

  2. Would you be interested in creating a collage for a Toybox Thursdays poster and/or letting me use one of your collages?