Monday, October 26, 2009

Office Space

This, sadly, is my work space. Messy, unorganized. Most would see this as disgusting, wondering how I find anything. If I think to myself, I need a purple paper made from flowers, I surprisingly know right where is it; under the works from paint next to the scrapbook paper. My organization never fails me.

I guess it helps that most the paper i have has a story behind it. Its pretty hard to forget paper made from real flowers or the picture of a bear slamming a 40 oz beer I got from Paul's magazine. Its easy to forget the plain paper you can buy by the pound at paper factory, but in all honesty those are the pieces of paper that are meaningless and deserve to be lost forever.


  1. I gave your blog a rate of 5.Keep up the great work and remember all grat artists were mesy.

  2. I also gave your blog a rate of 5..gud job