Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tools Of The Trade

Every time I pick up any sports magazine, they break down the "tools of the trade." The common equipment they use for their sport or what new gear their sponsors deck them out in. Pro skaters show off their new cloths or their new board set ups, football players brag about their new under armor models and past stories. Well this is my gear: (Top Left going clockwise) My art box, where I keep all my painting supplies. Inside I rig up tape to hold my 2 favorite brushes and pallet knives. I taped in an old book to separate the box to have all my paints on the left and assorted brushes and oils on the left. Next up is the 2nd drawer in my desk. Cluttered with about a dozen moleskines, hidden gems await. Envelopes, postcards, a sticker maker and random paint samples. Finally, my pencil box. It holds all my drawing supplies, erasers, pencil sets, sharpener. Also, my prized possession, a pair of scissors I "borrowed" from 10th grade art class that almost have never left my fingers for any art project. Double sided tape is also a common resident in the box.

And thats about it. next post will be the starting of my next piece, Face:Face. I'm filming myself painting with time lapse on. Should be amazing. Spoiler alert, I have almost finished the piece and reviewed the film and IT IS AMAZING.

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  1. Hello Byron, I have read your blogs, and watched your nifty tricks on that skateboard (don't think we will be trying that at our art group, the average members' age is about 55(!) I have enjoyed looking at your art and wish you success with your exhibitions.

    I am now subscribed to an RSS feed of one your blog. You are welcome to follow me too.

    Best wishes